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User Profiles/Authors
<h1>User Profiles Overview</h1> Your website uses a framework utilizing the Wordpress User structure called BuddyPress.  From the BuddyPress site:<em> "BuddyPress is a powerful (yet elegant) suite of social networking components, made the WordPress way, to help you build a flexible &amp; robust community."</em>  BuddyPress also integrates nicely with Events Manager.  This allows the user profiles to be associated with events and have the ability for the end user (visitors of your site) to click on the owners (or Authors) of events and find out more about them.  This means in addition to the events your users may own, they also have public profiles that can display information about them as individuals or organizations/companies. If a user has not put their details in yet, you can always assign the author that has the name of your organization (so it doesn't display your profile). More about <a href="" target="_blank">assigning authors to events</a> <h1>Getting Your Users to Create a User Account</h1> Kind of like pulling teeth, right?  One way of doing this is to create profiles for them.  Maybe having an intern do it, or perhaps tackle 5 per day.  There are a few fields required to create a user for your site: <ul> <li><strong>Username</strong> - This is a required field and cannot be changed.  Once created, it can't be edited, so choose wisely.</li> <li><strong>E-mail</strong> - This is also required, but can be changed.</li> <li><strong>Password</strong> (required) - If creating for a list of users, choose something that no one can guess and prompt your users to change it after logging in the first time.</li> <li><strong>Role </strong>- Needs to be set to "Author" (or above) in order to be connected with any event.</li> </ul> This is in addition to any Required Fields that are set within the BuddyPress structure. &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;

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