Arts Marketing

Do you need help with promoting a project or production?  Do you feel like you know that you need to become more visible, but just don’t know where to turn?  Is there a potential that you want to reach in terms of audience or visibility to people other than the friends and family of the performers?

If these questions are familiar to you I can help devise a marketing plan that will include strategies and timelines in letting the world know that you are here and doing some fabulous work.  This plan includes:

  • Social media strategies, timelines, and image creation highlighting your happenings with the intention of drawing your potential audience.
  • Email marketing that targets your existing audience as well as welcoming new people to engage with your brand.
  • Help solidifying a brand or look for your work which is recognizable and clear.
  • Strategizing an overall timeline for dissemination of information.
  • I can also create online media (images, short videos, etc.) that incorporates brand, project focus, and relevant information so that your event will be successful.

Every project or production has its own needs.  Please contact me so that we can sit down a talk about what is necessary to make your work more visible and clear.

Email: [email protected]

Looking forward!